Irina is a Qualified Music Teacher from Russia. She received musical eduation in Russia on classical style.

Irina started studying piano at the age of 6 at the Chernigov music school in Ukraine. Lessons were very intensive and rewarding. Students were required to attend the music school 5 days a week which included studying piano, solfege, theory, music literature and also singing in choir. It was like a second school after primary school.

After completion of 7 years of music school Irina enrolled into Music College and also started working as a piano teacher in music schools, accompanied dancers in ballet dance studio and also worked in kindergarten where she taught music and prepared children for music concerts.

In 1996 Irina moved to Australia to NSW where she continued to teach piano privately.

irinaIn 2014 Irina moved to Brisbane where she opened her music school.

Irina has more than 30 years experience in classical piano teaching including piano performance, music theory, aural training, sight reading and musicianship.

Irina has taught students from 5 years old and teaches piano and music theory for all ages and levels, from beginners, intermediate to advanced. Her students have achieved excellent results in AMEB exams.