Piano lessons in Brisbane


Why should you study music? 

Besides being fun and stimulating, research shows that the study of music can:

  • Improve Mathematics skills [1] [2]
  • Improve Language skills [3]
  • Improve Academic grades [4]
  • Improve Social behaviour [5]


If you are just starting with no piano experience then now is the time to start! A lot of students who have had experience with other teachers have been taught incorrect hand postures. This is difficult to change later as the students tend to attach to muscle memory. The importance of posture and hand placement is critical when playing the piano.

If you have previously had piano experience then now is the time to test, adjust and further improve your current skills!


We offer lessons from kids (5 yrs+) to adults, from the very basic to advanced material.

See our links for Lessons for Kids and Lessons for Adults.

We also offer mobile lessons at your home if you have a piano (or electrical piano), see Lessons at Your Home for more details!


With practice and dedication this could be you putting a beautiful musical piece into action!

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